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O'Kroley was fired from grocery store, blamed Nosal for complaint

The man accused of shooting a woman outside a grocery store on Madison’s east side was recently fired from the store and blamed the victim for filing a harassment complaint against him, according a criminal complaint. Christopher T. O'Kroley, 26, was charged Friday with first-degree intentional homicide and first-degree recklessly endangering safety. He’s accused of killing Caroline E. Nosal, 24, of Stoughton, in the parking lot of the Metro Market on Cottage Grove Road Tuesday. The complaint said that O'Kroley was fired Monday. Bail was set at $1 million. The complaint said some co-workers got a text message from O'Kroley saying he had shot Nosal and was planning to kill himself. He told police that after he was fired he bought a gun, according to the complaint. He told police his escape plan was to hijack a car at gunpoint. O'Kroley also told police he considered shooting Nosal in the store, but decided to do it in the parking lot. He described himself as a sociopath. He said he killed her out of anger because she had, "ruined my life." An autopsy found that Nosal died from two gunshot wounds, one to the head and another to the abdomen. O'Kroley was arrested Wednesday about four miles northwest from the area where his car was found abandoned and where police were using K-9s and a drone to search for him. Police said he exchanged gunfire with a police officer before he was found hiding in a dumpster near Marshalls. 

Published: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 16:15:40 GMT

NFL player, former Badger accused of battering girlfriend

A former Badger turned NFL player is accused of battering his girlfriend early Friday in Madison, police said. Madison police said Montee Ball, 25, was at the Hampton Inn and Suites on West Johnson Street at 3:43 a.m. when he was physically violent toward his girlfriend. She told police Ball threw her and she fell, hitting the corner of a table. Ball allegedly admitted to pushing her. Officers said Ball was cooperative. Ball was arrested on a tentative charge of felony substantial battery. Ball was signed by the New England Patriots late in the 2015 season but did not play in any games. He had also been drafted in the NFL by the Denver Broncos in 2013 but was released in the 2015 season. Ball was a running back for the UW-Madison Badgers football team from 2009 to 2013. In August 2012, Ball was the victim of an attack in downtown Madison. His attackers were sentenced later that year.

Published: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 02:57:46 GMT


Published: Tue, 10 May 2011 13:51:57 GMT

Metro Market remembers co-worker killed on property

Homicide suspect Christopher O’Kroley, 26, has been charged in the death of Caroline Nosal, 24. Nosal was shot and killed in the parking lot of Metro Market on Tuesday. Her former co-workers are honoring her by focusing on Nosal not the man who may have killed her. “She was outgoing. You can tell by her smile. It was infectious. She was a little jokester and played pranks and things like that. Just a fun person to be around,” Timothy Smith, the Metro Market store director said, “It's tragic what happened, but it's also a reality.” Her co-workers are left to cope.  The place that was once her second home is now reminded of what is gone. “We got to deal with that, and it's hard, and everybody does this in a different way,”  Smith said. Her work family is hoping to help Nosal's own family by raising $15,000 to cover the cost of her funeral. They are also donating food for the memorial. “It's hard enough for the family to go through that and deal with what they're dealing with,” Smith said. “To not have to deal with the expenses was really important to not only to me but to our company and our entire staff at Metro Market,” Smith said. A GoFundMe page has been created for Nosal’s funeral. Nosal’s funeral is Monday. 

Published: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 03:13:58 GMT

Kindergartner dies playing on school monkey bars

Police say a 5-year-old girl from Covington, Georgia, died while playing on the monkey bars at school.

Published: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 12:48:56 GMT

Woman killed in industrial mixer accident

A freak bakery accident has taken the life of a woman in Sandy, Utah. The woman, 45-year-old Carmen "Jackie" Lindhart, was killed at the Reams Grocery Store early Wednesday morning. Lindhart was in the bakery department when "she became entangled with the augers in the mixer causing her to be pulled into the mixing vat," according to the Sandy Police Department. A co-worker heard Lindhart screaming and she ran to turn off the machine. Unfortunately, she suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. "We have temporarily closed our bakery to determine the cause of this tragic accident and to provide additional safety training and procedures to our team members," said Reams Corporate in a statement to CNN. Sandy Police Department said they aren't sure how she became snarled with the machine, "but loose clothing is suspected to have been a factor". Utah Occupational Safety and Health is looking into this incident but it has the potential go on for six months. USOH will continue to provide updates on the investigation.

Published: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 17:54:27 GMT

Get your free 'Recipe For Health' portion plate

On February 23, from 4-7 p.m., visit Hy-Vee’s East Madison and Fitchburg locations and pick up a free “Recipe For Health” portion plate, courtesy of Time For Kids partners, Dean & St. Mary’s and WISC-TV3! Registered dietitians from Dean & St. Mary’s and Hy-Vee will also be on hand with great nutrition advice. Tune in to News 3 throughout the day for live “Recipe For Health” reports.

Published: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 15:51:08 GMT

Manitowoc police investigating homicide

Police in Manitowoc say a man fatally shot at his home apparently was targeted by his assailant. At a news conference Friday, Capt. Larry Zimney said no one is in custody, but the public at large is not believed to be in any danger. Authorities say the 51-year-old victim answered a knock at his door about 5:30 a.m. Friday and was shot in the chest. The assailant fled. WLUK-TV reported four others in the home, including the man's wife, were not injured. The victim's wife found her wounded husband and called for help. Police have not revealed a possible motive for the shooting or identified the victim. The last homicide with a firearm in Manitowoc was in 2001.

Published: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 16:54:35 GMT

Car strikes power pole, 24-year-old driver killed

The driver who struck a power pole in Walworth County Thursday night was killed in the wreck, officials said. The Walworth County Sheriff's Office said it responded to a report of a one-vehicle crash near W9457 Highway 59 at 9:11 p.m. in the town of Whitewater. The first deputy to arrive confirmed that a car had failed to negotiate a curve and struck a pole. The lone occupant was the driver, 24-year-old Truley Unique Roberson of Beloit. The Whitewater Fire Department extricated Roberson from the vehicle, according to the report. First responders attempted life-saving measures but Roberson died at the crash site.

Published: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 17:50:15 GMT

'Baraboo 21,' sinking of Tuscania to be memorialized

In a history class at Baraboo High School Steve Argo teaches lessons to students.  In a park along the Baraboo River he hopes to see a memorial built to teach lessons about the “Baraboo 21.” Friday marks the 98th anniversary of the sinking of the Tuscania, a cargo ship carrying 2,000 American soldiers to battle in World War I.  The Tuscania was attacked by a German U-boat off the coast of Scotland.  The ship was hit by one torpedo and sank, but before it did British warships rescued all but 200 of the U.S. soldiers.  On board the Tuscania were 21 soldiers from Baraboo.  All 21 escaped the sinking ship by climbing across ropes to the British warship. “I think in my mind I kept saying, this is a great story,” says Argo, who is also on the Board of Directors of the Sauk County Historical Society. Because there is no memorial to the Tuscania in the U.S., Argo is working to create one that will placed at Mary Rountree Evans Park in Baraboo. “That way the story is preserved, but in a way that’s much more memorable and honorable to the people that were part of it,” says Argo. The cost to build the memorial is $70,000 and Argo has been working to raise the funds needed.  Donations to the project can be made to the Sauk County Historical Society. Baraboo artist Homer Daehn is working on what will eventually be a bronze relief that depicts the sinking of the Tuscania. “The memorial, once it is finished will not only serve to thank the British for saving hundreds of American lives, but sort of remind everyone else to be grateful,” says Argo. Argo says the goal is to have the memorial completed and be dedicated on Nov. 11, 2018, which will be the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.

Published: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 03:19:13 GMT

Less than a year later, twin's brother diagnosed with cancer in Clinton, too

A Clinton family says it's overwhelmed with the support it has gotten from the community after fighting a continuing battle with cancer, but it's not a battle the family says it's fighting alone. "Financial support is one thing, but it's the emotional support that really gets you through something like this," said Alyssa Nielson. The support for the Nielson family comes from students, teachers and parents at Clinton Elementary, after Alyssa Nielson and her family prepared to battle cancer twice in less than three years. "We thought we were done, he finished treatment September of 2013. We were trying to finally get back to a new normal and pick up the pieces," Nielson said. Nielson's son Channing was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in March of 2011 and received a clean bill of health in 2013. Less than a year later, the family's life was altered again, when Channing's identical twin brother Jakob received the same diagnosis in July of 2014. Alyssa Nielson said she knew Jakob had a 10- to 20-percent chance of being diagnosed with the same cancer because the boys are twins, but when Jakob tested positive for leukemia, preparing to face the disease a second time around did not come any easier. "I think it was really difficult the second time around because we knew too much," Nielson said. "We had seen how hard it was and I knew how difficult it was going to be." The school honored the third grade brothers by kicking off an event, Pennies for Patients, to raise money for others facing the same battle. Channing said seeing all of his peers excited to raise money, makes him hopeful that others with cancer will feel special, the way he feels. "I know that other kids (with cancer) like me are going to be treated the way I was, and they will be healthy again," he said. The school's goal is to raise $4,000 between Feb. 8-24. All funds raised will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. It’s a cause the school says is close to the heart, as other students in the school also face cancer battles. Clinton Elementary Principal Heidi Simms said the fundraiser also serves as a lesson for students. "(Kids learn) you can overcome these big hurdles in life, and you can get through them and that we as a school are supporting those families," Simms said. "I think that means a lot to other students, they see that support and they want to be a part of it." Acute lymphoblastic leukemia is a cancer of the bone marrow and blood. The disease is treatable, and depending on the situation, most children go through two to three years of treatment. Between check-ups for Channing every three months and weekly doctor visits for Jakob, the family members spend most of their time focusing on the boys health. But it's the community's support and courage from the boys that makes the familiar battle a little less challenging. "Honestly, I think it's their strength that gives me strength to keep going," Nielson said. Jakob’s expected to wrap up treatment in October 2017. Nielson said the family has a lot of fun activities and vacations planned for after Jakob's recovered. Donation to Pennies for Patients can be made by contacting the Clinton Elementary School office at 608-676-2211.

Published: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 16:57:35 GMT

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan visits Mercy Health Mall

Friday, Mercy Health System executives, along with other state providers, welcomed U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan to the Mercy Health Mall in Janesville to discuss challenges faced by the durable medical equipment industry, according to a release. The release said that multiple health providers across Wisconsin, including Mercy Assisted Care Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Agnesian Health, Home Health United, Home Care Medical, Home Care Pharmacy, Oxygen One Inc., Knueppel Healthcare Services and VGM, met to ask for Ryan’s support of a three-year reimbursement rate freeze from the nationwide rollout of the competitive bidding program. The program could potentially leave thousands of Wisconsin Medicare and Medicaid patients without proper medical equipment, such as oxygen, semi-electric beds and mobility devices, due to those cuts in reimbursement rates, the release said. “Access to oxygen, nebulizers, apnea monitors and other DME equipment is critical for patients who have been hospitalized or suffer from serious illness,” said Denise Schrader, vice president Care Continuum, MercyRockford Health System. “Congressman Ryan quickly recognized the barriers and broad negative impact the competitive bidding current process has on care and health of patients and the entire health care delivery system, causing delayed discharges and avoidable readmissions.” “Congressman Ryan is very much aware of issues that medical equipment providers face,” said Tom Powers, VGM, a member service organization for medical equipment companies. “He understands how Medicare’s competitive bidding program hindered suppliers from providing necessary equipment (to) seniors and people with disabilities. Mr. Ryan agreed that the bidding program is a real problem and wants to be helpful where he can to fix this legislation so DME suppliers can continue to serve those who need these services.” The release went on to say that o­­ther issues discussed focused on how the cuts and subsequent lack of access to needed medical equipment affects hospital discharge, employment, services and inventory reductions. Formed through the merger of Mercy Health System and Rockford Health System, Mercy Assisted Care Durable Medical Equipment (DME) in Janesville, along with the Visiting Nurses Association Durable Medical Equipment (DME) in Rockford, provides quality and professional home care services to referred home care clients in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Every month, our DME locations processes over 2,800 new orders, provide services to over 3,900 recurring rentals in patient’s homes and make on average of over 1,200 home deliveries. Combined, our DME locations employ over 50 staff.

Published: Sat, 06 Feb 2016 03:34:09 GMT

Sauk County continues drug investigation

On Wednesday, the Sauk County Drug Task Force, in conjunction with the United States Postal Inspectors Office, opened a drug investigation into a residence on Koch Street in the Village of West Baraboo, after a search warrant for two suspicious packages that arrived at the post office for delivery to this address revealed 1,085 grams of marijuana, according to a release. On Thursday, the packages were repackaged, delivered and accepted into the residence in question, after which a search warrant for the residence was executed by the Sauk County Drug Task Force and the Sauk County Emergency Response Team, the release said. As a result of the investigation, a total of 1,197.7 grams of marijuana, 70.6 grams of high quality methamphetamine, approximately 18 ounces of liquid marijuana, 3 grams of cocaine, and a large number of illegally possessed prescription medications, including Oxycontin, Percocet, liquid Diazepam, amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, tramadol, alazopram and tramadol and adderall, according to the release. The release went on to say a large amount of drug paraphernalia indicating drug packaging, sales and distribution were also located, such as several digital scales and thousands of small “gem bags.” Over $4,600 in cash, in various denominations and locations was found. As a result of this investigation, three people were arrested and charged with offenses. The release said Sean A. Mountain, 47 years old, was arrested for possession of THC with intent to deliver, more than 1,000 grams, possession of cocaine, possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, more than 50 grams, possession of Schedule 2 narcotics, possession of Schedule 2 non-narcotics, possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a drug dwelling.   The release went on to say that Sean S. Miller, 26 years old, was arrested and charged for possession of THC. Lastly, the release said Ralph T. Mountain, 50 years old, was arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. According to the release, Ralph Miller was cited and released at the scene while Sean Mountain and Sean Miller were transported to and incarcerated in the Sauk County Jail. Miller was released on bond on Feb. 5 and Sean Mountain will appear in court for a bond hearing on Monday, Feb. 8, the release said. The U.S. Postal Inspectors Office, the Sauk County Emergency Response Team and the Columbia County Sheriffs Office assisted the Sauk County Drug Task Force, the release said. This investigation is continuing. If you have information on this or any other criminal activity, you are asked to call your local police department, the Sauk County Sheriff's Office at 1-800-377-1195 or Sauk County Crime Stoppers at 1-888-847-7285. The Sauk County Drug Task Force is composed of officers from the Sauk County Sheriff’s Office, the Reedsburg Police Department, the Sauk Prairie Police Department, the Baraboo Police Department, the Lake Delton Police Department, the Spring Green / Plain police departments and the Wisconsin State Patrol.

Published: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 23:44:28 GMT

Woman struck and killed at intersection

Police said a woman was struck and killed at an intersection in Waukesha. The 23-year-old woman was hit at Highway 164 and Sunset Dr. about 6 p.m. Thursday. The woman was taken to Waukesha Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead. The driver who struck the woman remained at the scene. Investigators continue their work.

Published: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 12:42:49 GMT

Walker to sign bill legalizing concealed switchblades

Gov. Scott Walker is set to sign a bill that would allow people to carry concealed switchblades and knives. The governor plans to the sign the measure Saturday afternoon at the National Rifle Association and Wisconsin FORCE's annual convention in Weston. Wisconsin FORCE, or Firearm Owners, Ranges, Clubs and Educators, is an NRA-chartered association that advocates for the right to bear arms. Manufacturing, selling, transporting, purchasing or possessing a switchblade has been illegal in Wisconsin for decades. The Republican-authored bill eliminates the prohibition as well as permits anyone who can legally possess a gun to carry concealed knives of any length without a concealed carry license. The bill also bars local governments from enacting knife regulations stricter than state law.

Published: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 23:29:47 GMT

Supreme Court hopeful Kloppenburg begins TV ads in Milwaukee

Wisconsin Supreme Court challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg is set to hit the airwaves. The group Justice at Stake announced findings Friday that show Kloppenburg's campaign has signed contracts for at least $24,930 in television advertising set to begin Saturday in Milwaukee. Justice at Stake is a nonpartisan group that focuses on keeping courts impartial. The group analyzed Federal Communications Commission records to tally Kloppenburg's spending. Earlier this week, Justice at Stake and the Brennan Center for Justice announced findings that outside group Wisconsin Alliance for Reform has spent at least $234,660 on statewide ads supporting incumbent Justice Rebecca Bradley. Justice at Stake said Friday that FCC records show that group's spending on pro-Bradley ads has grown to $324,225. Bradley and Kloppenburg will face Joe Donald in a Feb. 16 primary.

Published: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 23:46:35 GMT

Pizza delivery driver asking for directions attacked, robbed

A pizza delivery driver was attacked and robbed when she asked for directions from her car in a west Madison neighborhood, police said. Madison police responded to the Papa John's Pizza on McKee Road Tuesday afternoon after a delivery driver was robbed of her money. The driver told police she was at the intersection of Danbury Street and Milford Road when she stopped to ask directions. The man she asked responded by punching her in the face through the open driver's side window, according to the report. The attacker demanded money and threatened to shoot the 28-year-old, police said. She didn't see a weapon but complied with his order. He ran away after getting the cash. The robber was described as black, 32 to 38 years old and between 5 feet 11 inches to 6 feet tall, according to the report. He weighed between 170 to 200 pounds, his hair was worn in corn rows and he was wearing a black cloth over his hair. He also had on a red jacket, blue jeans and boots.

Published: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 22:14:45 GMT

Officer involved in shooting with homicide suspect placed on leave

A Madison police officer involved in a Wednesday shooting involving a homicide suspect has been placed on administrative leave. Madison police said Officer Michele Walker works patrol in the East District. She joined the police force in 2001. She's on leave pending the outcome into an investigation into Wednesday's shooting. Christopher T. O'Kroley, 26, was taken into custody after shots were fired near East Towne Mall Wednesday afternoon, police said. Police were searching for O'Kroley after 24-year-old Caroline E. Nosal, of Stoughton, was shot and killed in the parking lot of the Metro Market on Cottage Grove Road Tuesday at 8 p.m. O'Kroley was wanted in connection with the homicide. The area where O'Kroley was apprehended was about four miles northwest from the area where O'Kroley's car was found abandoned and where police were using K-9s and a drone to search for him Wednesday. Police got a tip from a citizen that a man matching O'Kroley's description was seen in the Zeier Road area. Police said the citizen identified O'Kroley based on photos of him seen in media reports on the Metro Market shooting. Madison police spokesman Joel DeSpain said at least two shots were fired Wednesday afternoon outside the Marshalls store at 2117 Zeier Road, across the street from East Towne Mall.  Koval said a Madison police officer and O'Kroley exchanged fire, and no one was injured. A window at a Home Depot store in the area was damaged, likely shot out by the gunfire exchange.

Published: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 17:38:22 GMT

2 people ejected when container truck crashes into overpass

A container truck accident that ejected both passengers occurred early Friday morning, state traffic officials said. A container truck was traveling eastbound on I-94 when it struck a Monroe County overpass bridge, according to a news release from the Wisconsin State Patrol. The collision caused damage to the bridge itself, and the two occupants were ejected from the truck through the windshield. The 29-year-old driver from Warrens and a 69-year-old passenger from Sparta were both taken to Tomah Memorial Hospital, then transferred to Gundersen Health System in La Crosse. According to the release, the passenger suffered life-threatening injuries. The driver and passenger were not wearing seat belts, officials said.  Monroe County Highway Department and a State of Wisconsin DOT bridge inspector were inspecting the bridge Friday for travel worthiness and safety, state patrol said. Wisconsin State Patrol is investigating the crash.

Published: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 21:12:42 GMT

Cross acknowledges UW needs more diversity progress

University of Wisconsin System President Ray Cross says the system must do more to acknowledge and understand students of color. Cross issued a statement Friday addressing diversity, fulfilling a promise he made during a meeting last month with students, alumni and faculty concerned about a lack of progress on the issue. Cross said he's asking chancellors and regents to make the time and space necessary to facilitate a dialogue with students of color. He also touted plans to create a diversity council and hire a new special assistant for diversity and inclusion. He also pointed out the regents hand out diversity awards every February. The board handed out the 2016 awards Friday to Chia Youyee Vang, a UW-Milwaukee professor; UW-Stout's multicultural student services; and the UW Colleges' 4-H systematics program.

Published: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 23:22:02 GMT